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4427 North Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois 60640 • P.O. Box 180224, Chicago, Illinois 60618-0617 • 773-634-9824 •

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Kelvin Kakazu performs kote gaishi at chicago wushu Phil Marmet kokyu nage Joe Takehara sensei aikido instructor Czerina Salud aikido student Keiki Hinami demonstrates tenkan defense to a punch Dwight Sora instructs balance breaking with Ian Miller Ian Miller executes kokyunage on Dwight Sora Sensei Jo Takehara shihan teaches Christine Lin actress Yukiko Hara 6th dan explains aikido technique kaitenage. David Babbitt uke childrens aikido with julia. Luis Vera takes a roll peaceful conflict resolution with moving medition Art Benjamin sixth dan bows in the class Jo Takehara demonstrates self defense with Dwight Egan Sora training exercise at Marsha Turner Sensei's new year seminar
Breakfall practice at the old training space at Chicago Wushu. photo: Andy Vitale
Performing a basic throw. photo: Maggie Mui
Takehara Sensei and student. photo: Maggie Mui
Smiling in response to a punch. photo: Maggie Mui
Breaking balance. photo: Maggie Mui
Dynamic movement. photo: Maggie Mui
Takehara Sensei works with newcomer, Christine Lin. photo: Sol Hinami
Yuki Hara Sensei takes someone for a spin. photo: Sol Hinami
Julia shows us how its done. photo: David Babbitt
A study in form with Luis Vera. photo: Sol Hinami
Mika guards the mat as we bow in. photo: Sol Hinami
A solid drop from Takehara Sensei. photo: David Babbitt
Yubi Musubi. An internal blending exercise. photo: Sol Hinami

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Chicago Aikido Club • P.O. Box 180224, • Chicago Il 60618-0617
the Chicago Aikido Club is affilated with the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba.