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Aikido is about experience. The instructor demonstrates, and then aikidoka pair up and try to copy what they saw, alternating as uke and nage. Uke attack nage four times, switching between left and right-side attacks.

Great emphasis is placed on ukemi. Aikidoka learn to move with techniques performed on them and to escape through rolls or break-falls. This helps nage practice the form of a technique, while uke practices how to protect themselves. At advanced levels, skilled and highly responsive ukemi allows nage to move with more realistic speed and power.

During training, all aikidoka wear a white dogi. After advancing in rank, a black or blue hakama, the traditional dress of the samurai, is added. The hakama serves to honor tradition and aid in developing footwork.

Chicago Aikido Club • P.O. Box 180224, • Chicago Il 60618-0617
the Chicago Aikido Club is affilated with the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba.